MyChiptuningfiles is a specialist in modifying petrol and diesel engines for better performance and more economical fuel consumption. We work to the highest standard and guarantee the effectiveness of our optimized chiptuning files. MyChiptuningfiles was created through a worldwide collaboration of various professionals and chiptuning companies. Our team consists of qualified software developers and a worldwide network of ECU programmers.

How it works

Thanks to our many years of expertise, we jointly develop ECU tuning software for all types of cars, vans, trucks and tractors. All our files are custom-made to meet the individual needs and expectations of our customers. Every ECU is carefully modified by our team. It is then tested on both our advanced 4x4 dynamometer and on the road. This allows us to deliver high quality software files with optimal modifications for performance improvement and reduced fuel consumption.

While measuring on the dynamometer, we can read and keep track of all important parameters in real time. Using our diagnostic equipment, the values of the turbo and injection system are continuously calibrated. During the development of the ECU files, the fuel mixture, turbo pressure, inlet and outlet temperatures, injection quantity and injection are continuously monitored. We also take into account the mechanical and thermal load of the engine as well as the driveline, so that they match the original ECU software perfectly. Our extensive measuring and testing processes ensure that the service life of your engine is not negatively affected.

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